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12 April 2019

Please note there are MANY updates below, and a separate post following DataCamp’s April 24th announcement.

Last week (April 4, 2019) DataCamp published a blog post stating that “one of DataCamp’s executives danced inappropriately and made uninvited physical contact with another employee,” an action meeting many definitions of sexual assault. While the post makes the claim that DataCamp does not condone this behavior, it also makes clear that the disciplinary actions against the executive were limited to “sensitivity training, personal coaching, and a strong warning.”

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19 March 2018

I made a little demo package to experiment with the use of WebAssembly to use compiled code from R packages and htmlwidgets. More here:


20 November 2017

I had to go shopping for a family birthday and new apartment stuff this past weekend. I entered the big, bright department store and froze, with instant regret and dread, because I heard the foreboding sounds of this phenomenon: Now I don’t know about other countries, but in America the tinsel-laden commercial Christmas season stretches starts the day they break down the pop-up Halloween shops and eventually consumes all of popular culture for two months.

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12 November 2015

This function feeds a high-amplitude sine function through a logit, offsetting so as to have the pulse start and stop at arbitrary times. It has an integral of one per period for large \(L\). \[f(t) = \frac{c}{a - b} \frac{1}{1 + e^{L \left(sin(2\pi((t-a)/c + \xi)) - sin(2\pi\xi)\right)} }\] where \[\begin{aligned} t &= \text{time} \\ a &= \text{time at start of pulse} \\ b &= \text{time at end of pulse} \\ c &= \text{period length} \\ a &< b < c \\ L &= \text{an arbitrarily large number} \\ \xi &= \frac{3}{4} - \frac{b - a}{2c} \\ \end{aligned}\]

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28 May 2015

Last Friday at the Davis R Users’ Group, Mallory Johnson gave a presentation on RQDA, an R-based GUI tool for doing coding on documents for use in qualitative text analysis. Here’s the video, and you can view the slides here.

[Sorry about reverb in the video]