Curriculum Vitae

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  • Ph.D., Graduate Group in Ecology 2015
    UC Davis Davis, CA
  • B.Sc., Center for Environmental Studies 2006
    Brown University Providence, RI

Professional Experience

  • Principal Scientist, Computational Research 2019-
    EcoHealth Alliance New York, NY
  • Senior Research Scientist 2017-2019
    EcoHealth Alliance New York, NY
  • Disease Ecologist 2015-2017
    EcoHealth Alliance New York, NY
  • Senior Analyst 2008-2009
    GreenOrder New York, NY
  • Analyst 2006-2008
    GreenOrder New York, NY

Selected Software Packages

  • citesdb: A high-performance database of shipment-level CITES trade data. (2019)    
  • fasterize: High performance raster conversion for modern spatial data. (2018)    
  • rchie: An R parser for ArchieML. (2018)        
  • redoc: Reversible reproducible documents with R Markdown and Microsoft Word. (2019)      

Courses and Workshops

  • Simulating Epidemiological Models with R, EcoHealth Net Workshop, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virgina, Jun 4, 2019    
  • Generalized Additive Models in R: A Free Interactive Course, (online), May 30, 2019    
  • Fitting Non-Linear Models in R with the mgcv Package, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 10, 2018    
  • Simulating Epidemiological Models with R, EcoHealth Net Workshop, Tufts University, Meford, Massachusettss, Jun 5, 2017  
  • Fitting Non-Linear Models in R with the mgcv Package, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 10, 2017  


  • R, Coronavirus, and Pandemic Prevention, New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup, Apr 20, 2020        
  • Building Software and Communities With Peer Review: rOpenSci, pyOpenSci, and Beyond, PyData NYC, Nov 5, 2019      
  • One Health Surveillance Data: Sharing, Standards, and Stories, Bat One Health Research Network Meeting, Phuket, Thailand, Aug 28, 2019    
  • Epidemiological Modeling: From Basics to Artificial Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security Biosurveillance Presentation Series, Jun 19, 2019  
  • Reproducibility in an Office world: tools for crossing the abyss, New York R Conference, May 11, 2019  
  • Reproducibility in an Office world: a brief history of failures, R-Ladies NYC, Nov 6, 2018  
  • Generating better macroecological data from literature: a case study of antimicrobial resistance emergence, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, Aug 10, 2018    
  • DockeR for the UseR, New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup, Jul 11, 2018        
  • The Modern R Data Package, New York R Conference, Apr 21, 2018  
  • Nonlinear models in R: the wonderful world of mgcv, New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup, Nov 21, 2017      
  • Better packages through peer review: lessons from rOpenSci, New York R Conference, Apr 22, 2017  
  • Joint circulation of viral diseases in a bat population, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale., Florida, Aug 9, 2016    
  • Optimal control of disease with individual-based models, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, Aug 11, 2015    
  • Modeling forest disease using a macroparasite framework, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, Aug 13, 2014    


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