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# redoc - Reversible Reproducible Documents

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**redoc** is a package to enable a two-way R Markdown-Microsoft
Word workflow. It generates Word documents that can be de-rendered back into
R Markdown, retaining edits on the Word document, including tracked changes.

**redoc** is not yet stable; its core engine and API are still subject to
change. It's been overhauled a few times already! I welcome your [contributions
and feedback](https://noamross.github.io/redoc/CONTRIBUTING.html).

## Installation

Install the **redoc** package with the **remotes** (or **devtools**) package:

```{r install_me, eval = FALSE}

Note that **redoc** requires a recent version of Pandoc (>= 2.1.2). If you
have RStudio version 1.2 or higher, you should have this by default.

## Basic Usage

**redoc** provides an R Markdown [output
`redoc()`, built on top of `rmarkdown::word_document()`. You will
typically call it via the YAML header in your R Markdown document. You have the
option of highlighting the outputs (both chunk and inline) in the Word Document.


`redoc()` output resembles typical R Markdown Word output, but has some key

- [Critic Markup](http://criticmarkup.com/spec.php#thebasicsyntax) edits will be
converted to Word tracked changes.
- By default, parts of the documented generated programmatically will be
highlighted. (Change this with `highlight_outputs = FALSE`)
- The original `.Rmd` and all code is stored internally in Word document for
later retrieval.

Word files that have been created by `redoc()` can be reverted to
`.Rmd` with the `dedoc()` function, _even after they are edited_. `dedoc()`
will return the path of the de-rendered document.

```{r unrender}

```{r cleanup, include = FALSE}

If the Word document has tracked changes, `dedoc()` will, by default, convert
these to back to Critic Markup syntax. However, tracked changes are not
necessary. You can view the changes between the original R Markdown file and
the de-rendered one using the `redoc_diff()` function.

```{r diff1, eval = FALSE}


More details and features can be found in the vignettes for

## RStudio Integration

**redoc** has three RStudio Addins to simplify workflow when working with
R Markdown documents:

- "Render and Update" renders an R Markdown Document and the updates the text
after round-tripping in to Word format and back. This helps with cleaning
up small syntax differences (e.g. white space, line wrapping).
- "Dedoc to active file" and "Dedoc to new file" de-render a file and place
the contents in RStudio editor tabs, and also display a the changes from
`redoc_diff()` in the RStudio viewer.

The package also contains a `dedoc` R Markdown template.

## Related Work

- [**officedown**](https://github.com/davidgohel/officedown) produces rich
MS Word documents from R Markdown. We hope for more integration between these
packages in the future.
- [**diffobj**](https://github.com/brodieG/diffobj) visualizes differences
between R objects and drives **redoc**'s diff view.

## Contributing

Want have feedback or want to contribute? Great! Please take a look at the [contributing guidelines](https://github.com/noamross/redoc/blob/master/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md) before filing an issue or pull request.

Please note that this project is released with a [Contributor Code of Conduct](https://github.com/noamross/redoc/blob/master/.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md). By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.