January 10, 2012

January 11, 2012


Class: Theoretical Ecology

Process - Kintr

  • Installed and learned the knitr package. Looks like a great way to write literate code more easily
  • Easy enough to process Multimarkdown, but if processing MMD to Latex/PDF, want to put knitr between the LaTeX and PDF for better processing. Right now this workflow is broken - need to fix my LaTeX compilation script
  • Had to install updates for R and RStudio


  • Installed stratigraph package and explored it. Good functions for input/output from GPD datafiles, but the plotting functions are broken.
  • Wrote function to convert count data to %Arboreal pollen data
  • Downloaded GPD data, but should modify code so that it draws directly from the GPD FTP site
  • GPD index is is odd form - need to write function to process and lookup sites
  • Code and data on github

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